Uno Rules

Uno Rules: How to Play Uno

Uno is one of the most popular card games since it was released 50 years ago by Mattel, but even today many players have doubts about how to play Uno. This is due, perhaps, to the fact that the official Uno rules are very versatile and can be changed to the player’s taste. We’ll explain here how to play Uno, some of the basic rules and about its many variations.

Uno Rules
Learn the rules of Uno and how to play with your friends in the different game modes

Participants can play Uno with the classic deck sold in various stores, special decks with different cards, online in versions for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In addition, there are even ways to play Uno in the WhatsApp or Telegram messaging application through stickers with Uno Bot.

For fans of family games, we also have a list of board games , a guide explaining how to play chess and an article on how to play poker . More advanced chess players can also learn different types of moves in this guide here or check out our list of the best boards to buy. Check in the following lines, all about the rules of Uno.

Rules of Uno: participants and cards

Uno can be played with two to 10 players. Few people know, but there are official uno rules that allow different mechanics, such as playing in pairs. These players sit in a circle and receive seven cards each, a number that can vary according to the taste of the host and participants.

how to play uno
Uno rules dictate that players draw cards to see who will start and this can change the dynamics of the game right from the start

To decide who goes first, all participants draw a card from the stack and the one with the highest number starts. If the drawn card is a +4 joker, the player must return it to the pile, and if two contestants draw the same highest value, they must return the cards and draw again. There are extra rules described below for drawing other special cards.

If at the beginning of the game the user draws the +2 card, he needs to draw two cards from the pile. If a player draws an inversion card, the game starts counterclockwise by the player to the right of the one who dealt the cards.

If someone draws a jump card, the first player to the left of the dealer will be skipped. If an ordinary non-+4 wild card appears, that same player on the left can choose the color by playing the first card.

Rules of Uno: Aim and Victory

The first card from the deck is turned over on the table and, from then on, each player must discard one of their cards in their turn. The cards to be discarded must match the card on the table in number or color. For example, if there is a 5 card on the table, other 5 cards can be discarded of any color. If the card is red, other red cards can be discarded of any number.

how to play uno

In case the player does not have a card that matches the card in the center of the table, a new one must be drawn from the pile. If the new card drawn matches the one in the center of the table, it can be discarded immediately; otherwise, the user keeps that new card and the round moves on to the next contestant.

Uno Rules: Types of Cards

What makes Uno such a fun game is that there are so many different types of cards. The traditional numbered ones can be discarded normally and the ones that bring a sometimes somewhat chaotic dynamic. Give preference to discarding the special and higher value cards first because of the score. Check out what each card does below:

Uno cards
There are many different types and cards in Uno and their different ways of using them are what make the game so fun
  • Card +2 : When this card is played on the table, the next player must draw two cards
  • Reverse Card: Represented by two arrows, if this card is placed on the table, the clockwise direction will be reversed
  • Skip Card: With the image of a forbidden sign, this card allows the next player to have their turn skipped.
  • Wild Card: A black card with a circle containing 4 colors. By playing this card the player determines which color the next user will have to play
  • Wildcard +4: Similar to the Wildcard in appearance, this card allows you to determine the next color to be played and forces the next player to draw 4 cards. However, it can only be played if the user has no other suitable cards to discard, subject to a challenge we’ll talk about below.
  • Wild Card Swap Hands: When you play this card, you have the right to swap all your cards with another player at the table. In addition, you also choose the color of the next card to be played.
  • Blank Customizable Card: These are reserve cards to replace any lost cards, but players can use them to create their own rules.

Uno Rules: Declare Uno and Challenge

According to the rules of Uno, before playing his penultimate card, the player must say “Uno” to signal that he only has one card left in hand. A good move is to keep a wild card especially as this final card, so your victory will not depend on the actions of the other participants. If a competitor is caught with only one card in hand, without having declared “Uno”, he will be forced to “draw” two cards.

If the player himself realizes his mistake and says “Uno”, he does not need to draw both cards. There is an accusation window that lasts for one turn. If player A forgets to say “Uno”, but then player B plays normally until the end of his turn, when player C’s turn comes he will no longer be able to accuse player A.

uno playing rules
If the player is caught with only one card in his hand without having announced “Uno” beforehand, he must draw four cards, according to the rules of Uno

When playing a +4 Joker card, which can only be played when the participant has no other disposable cards according to the table, the contestant who will have to draw the four cards can challenge the one who played it. In this case, the participant who played the wild card +4 must show his hand to the other competitor.

If there was another card in hand that could have been discarded, the user who played the +4 wild card draws four cards as punishment. However, if there really wasn’t another card in the player’s hand and he used it according to the rules, the user who challenged him draws the 4 cards and 2 more as punishment.

Uno Rules: Scoring and Stacking

There are several ways to track wins in Uno. Many players just count who managed to be the first to discard all cards the most times. However, there is also a scoring system. Points can be used as a sign of victory for the player who wins the match or sign of defeat for those who lost. See the examples.

Uno Game
At the end of the game players can count the score in two ways according to the rules of Uno or use their own method

In one of the methods, when the player finishes discarding his cards and wins the round, the cards of all other participants are converted into points for that player. In that case, the first to reach 500 points wins. There is another method, however, in which, when discarding all the cards, all the other competitors who still have cards count them as demerits and, at the end of several games, the one who has accumulated the fewest points wins. See the score value of each card.

  • Numbered cards: value of the card (eg 7 = 7 points)
  • +2 card: 20 points
  • Reverse Card: 20 points
  • Skip Card: 20 points
  • Wild card : 50 points
  • Wild Card Swap Hands:
  • Wild card +4: 50 points

Stacking cards is very common in casual Uno games, but it is not part of the traditional rules. Many players believe that if they accumulate +2 or +4 cards in their hands, they can play them all at once against another user. Mattel has already commented that stacking cards is prohibited, but players can use this rule if they prefer and agree in advance with the participants.

Variations of the One Game

one minimalist

In this edition of the game, all Uno rules are maintained. The only difference is the look of the cards, which have a simpler but more modern design, created by designer Warleson Oliveira.

One Masters of the Universe

This version of the Uno game has only two differences from the official Uno rules: the design, since the cards are inspired by the classic He-Man design and an exclusive rule of the version. When using the special card “Power of Greyskull”, the player must hold it above the head and shout the famous phrase “By the powers of Greyskull, I have the strength!”. Then all other players at the table draw three cards.

one drink

uno drink
Uno Drink has different rules for drinking with friends

Recommended only for those over 18 years old, Uno Drink, in addition to having the traditional rules, also comes with a specific list that shows how many shots of drink the participant must take if certain cards are played. In addition, the game still comes with four 45ml glass cups (one dose) customized by Uno.

one spin

uno spin
Uno Spin comes with a roulette wheel

In addition to the traditional rules of the Uno game, Uno Spin has a roulette wheel that must be activated every time a player uses the “spin” card. With this, a new dynamic emerges that can cause upheavals in the match.

one stack

uno stacko
Uno Stacko resembles the famous game Jenga

A version of the game Uno with a proposal different from all the others. Instead of cards, just like in the game Jenga, in Uno Stacko, the main objective is to remove the pieces without the tower falling down.

There are 45 colored blocks with the same functions as the Uno cards: numbers, colors, blocking cards, invert, joker (whoever takes it chooses the color of the next block to be removed from the tower) and a block equivalent to the +2 card , where the next player must remove two blocks instead of one.

The stack must be assembled by the first player, who will stack three blocks at a time, alternating sides. When starting the game, the rules are similar to those of the cards, if a blue piece is removed, then another of the same color or number must be removed. Instead of being discarded, players must put the blocks back on top of the pile. The process continues until one of the players knocks over the pile.

Uno Game alternatives

If you like the game Uno, but are looking for other alternative games to play with the crowd, here are some tips:

classic deck

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