Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 Review

Better than buying a monitor would be to buy a monitor that could also work as a smart TV. This is Samsung’s baseline of reasoning with its line of hybrid monitors, which promise to deliver a variety of features and elements to meet all consumer needs for work, leisure, and entertainment.

The Smart Monitor M8 is the second model of hybrid monitors from the brand, the main representative of this niche of devices here in the country. Although not yet very popular in Brazilian homes, the company’s idea is to reinforce the practicality of purchasing just one product that works as two.

Showmetech received the electronics for testing and tells how this new entry surpasses the previous generation, despite lacking in technical refinement.


Samsung Smart Monitor M8

In a large box, the 32-inch monitor already impresses with its modern and minimalist appearance. As thin edges enhance the screen more, the product comes with a base, a stand, and a remote control. The latter contains buttons for the homepage of the monitor and for the Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video streaming platforms, in addition to the Samsung TV Plus channel.

Compared to the Smart Monitor M5, this model is more attractive and offers more interesting colors — blue and green (outside Brazil), and pink and white (nationally). It is worth remembering, however, that the colors are applied only to the edges of the screen and to the base and support. The monitor has USB-C inputs and only one button that will probably be used very little.

The more practical the installation, the happier the consumer is. In this case, it is simple, fast, and intuitive, not depending on third-party cables, for example, for this. The only thing missing here was support for the VESA standard. In practice, this means that the user cannot fix the device to the wall, something that is already common in smart TVs and some models of monitors.

Usage and connectivity

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

To start browsing, it is necessary to follow an easy procedure to configure the network and other data. Soon after, a series of tools will be available for immediate access. We will talk a little more about some of them in the topic below. First, let’s talk about the outside of the product.

As mentioned earlier, two USB-C inputs are located behind the panel, and with them, it is possible to charge a smartphone, for example. It’s a smart way to integrate more features and optimize them all in one table. The HDMI cable that came with the product works perfectly. The monitor’s height and angle adjustments are limited, but not annoying.

Two very cool tools — probably the most relevant compared to the others — are Smart View, which allows the transmission of multimedia content via cell phone, and Multi View, which divides the screen to transmit different content, such as a YouTube channel and video. at the same time. They are already good artifices since the company’s Smart TVs, and here it was no different.

Talking more about using the monitor for PC, there is a tab called Workspace, reserved for connecting the monitor to a CPU. When it is automatically detected, the screen broadcasts the entire desktop and whatever else runs on it. In terms of performance, it’s all very fast. Access via remote control doesn’t make the process boring and it’s super easy to return to Smart TV mode.

A webcam also comes with the M8. Its design is very discreet and embodies the monitor’s aesthetics well. The problem is that it ends up not being very useful beyond the use in applications in the Tizen operating system, and it is not possible to connect it to the PC system. In this way, your presence is extremely restricted to calls on Google Duo, for example. Its image is decent and its microphone leaves something to be desired, is necessary to use a headset with a microphone or external microphone to ensure quality in calls.

screen and sound

Let’s talk about the most important topic of this product: image and sound. Coincidentally or not, it is possible to find in this category both the best and the worst things about Samsung’s hybrid monitor.

The Smart Monitor M8’s screen is 4K with HDR 10+ and, as already mentioned, it has 32 inches, a robust size to display files, videos, photos, games, and all your content. The images displayed are beautiful, with intense colors, especially the lighter tones. Darker tones, on the other hand, are not that balanced. It’s good to say: it’s not bad or terrible, but for its high value in the market, it was expected that the monitor would at least bring a better-defined color calibration technology, as it happens in Samsung’s own smart TVs.

The product brings some user-ready options like Game Mode (which also flirts with graphics performance) and Entertainment Mode, but they don’t sound like enough. It is worth the user to adjust on their own in the menu settings.

Another problem here is the issue of the VA panel present in this monitor. There are three types: VA, IPS, and TN. A VA panel is basically a way of aligning the transmitted image vertically. In this way, the best viewing angle of the screen is in front of the monitor, and as the user moves to the sides, distortions begin to occur. The VA is responsible for bringing more levels of contrast, however, it delivers a one-sided view of the maximum quality.

A practical example is in games. Testing Fall Guys, a game naturally so colorful and vibrant, it’s clear how this impacts the experience of those who watch it next door. The screen is big, but the M8 could better refine this feature which should be considered outdated here.

The Game Mode, the one that brings the bottom bar to adapt the screen according to the chosen game, is more of the same. There is nothing different compared to what already exists. The feeling is that the tool is optional since it is possible to enjoy good gameplay without having to adjust the image or resize it. Of course, this favors those heavier games, which load many elements on the screen at the same time, such as online multiplayer. But it’s not impossible to play without.

The sound system unfortunately does not strengthen the good reviews. Due to its thin appearance, it was to be expected that its speaker would not be very powerful. The surprise was that the treble is extremely high, however, the bass is scrapped. There is definitely not a good balance between them. We recommend the use of headphones or headsets for greater nuance in audio.

Speaking of games, an unprecedented Xbox application has arrived for the joy of those who use Cloud Gaming, allowing you to play directly on the monitor without the need for a console. This is one of the product features that should make a difference in everyday life.

Samsung Smart TV Features

Coming to the smart TV function, the Tizen system integrates various applications for user leisure and entertainment. Its layout is also well-optimized and fast, which is a positive point. The home page features Samsung TV Plus channels, which include everything from anime to special documentaries. Famous channels like Record News can be watched at no additional cost.

samsung smart monitor M8 review

Available apps include the main streaming platforms: Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Star+, HBO Max, and Globoplay. Other apps can be installed as well, like Spotify and YouTube. It is possible to customize the taskbar as the user wants. Also, Bixby and Alexa are the virtual assistants present. All this part is in the Support tab.

A third tab called Games was dedicated especially to gamers. With the Samsung Gaming Hub, it is possible to download free games, which are very simple, but also manage additional services via the cloud, such as GeForce Now and Xbox. Enthusiasts can also connect a controller via Bluetooth to enjoy their favorite titles available on these platforms. Twitch is also present. Whoever wants to, can still connect the monitor cable to a console. Our PS4 test was a success.

In general, accessing and running these applications is quite efficient. There are many possibilities for content consumption and, in this sense, it is the least lacking in the M8 .

price and availability

The Smart Monitor M8 is being sold on national soil by Samsung itself and partner stores. Prices may vary depending on the chosen store and temporary promotions. On average, the value exceeds R$ 4,000.00.

Until the publication of this review, it is possible to find the device on Samsung’s official website, worth R$ 4,416.55 in cash. You can find our link below in the description.


Aiming at every possible gimmick, the new Samsung Smart Monitor M8 tries to deliver the best hybrid experience on the entire market, but it can’t match its features at its high price. It is a great choice for a PC and also for as Smart TV. But the details that integrate screen display, colors, and sound don’t stand on their own.

It is important to mention that this is still a beautiful, functional, fast product that will serve to intersperse work with rest and after-hours fun. However, there are premium models from Samsung’s smart TV category for sale that are even cheaper than this hybrid monitor. It’s a worthwhile and interesting experience, but perhaps it pays more for the consumer today to actually buy a PC or a television.

Technical specification

Samsung Smart Monitor M8




Smart Monitor M8


32 inch Flat
VA Panel HDR 10+ 4K (Resolution 3,840 x 2,160) Max. 60 Hz


Adaptive Sound Speaker +


1 Micro HDMI Input
1 Power
Cable 1 USB-C
Cable 1 HDMI-Micro HDMI Cable
Bluetooth 4.2


Eye Saver Mode
Flicker Free
Mode Entertainment Mode
Game Bar 2.0
Adaptive Picture
Auto Source Switch+
Ultrawide Game View
Alexa Built-in



Remote Control


adjustable tilt


adjustable height


adjustable rotation


wall support


product weight

6.7 kg with base
4.4 kg without base


$729 (Appx. INR 55,400)

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 Review

  • Design
  • Usage and connectivity
  • screen and sound
  • Smart TV Features
  • Cost benefit


Samsung’s hybrid monitor is an evolution of its predecessor, but it still lacks polishing features to justify its high price tag.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 Pros & Cons


  • Modern and very attractive design
  • Practical and useful connectivity
  • Optimized and well-integrated Tizen system
  • 4K screen with excellent resolution
  • Good as Smart TV and PC
  • A wide range of entertainment apps and content


  • No VESA standard support for wall mounting
  • The webcam does not match the hybrid concept
  • Inaccurate color calibration
  • Lack of polish on image assets
  • VA panel: beautiful from the front, not so much from the side
  • Unbalanced sound: bass is hampered
  • The price, your biggest villain
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