Samsung Jet Bot Review

Samsung Jet Bot+ Review | Effective but very expensive vacuum

Samsung is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and has been standing out in the smart device segment, with efficient, robust devices with advanced features. A good example is the Samsung Jet Bot+ vacuum robot, which has several sensors to map the house and avoid falls and collisions.

The Samsung Jet Bot+ is not a product focused on cost-effectiveness, but it offers a very complete and smooth experience in the task of vacuuming the floor of the house. As it can be remotely controlled, you can use it to clean the entire environment or just a certain room.

The entire operation of the device is very simple and intuitive, through an application from Samsung itself, which allows you to monitor the cleaning of the house in real-time. I tested the Samsung Jet Bot+ for a few days and I say if it is worth buying this premium vacuum robot from South Korea, which is among the most expensive on the national market.


  • really smart vacuum
  • very effective cleaning
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Has a scheduled cleaning program
  • Base with automatic loading and cleaning of the internal reservoir


  • Very noisy
  • Don’t pass cloth
  • Too big
  • Has difficulty fitting into the base
  • Price

Look and specifications

The Samsung Jet Bot+ is a premium design vacuum robot. It is made of high-quality plastic, white in color, with a gray stripe that goes around its entire length at the top, close to the edge. This look already differentiates it from other simpler models, which usually present more flashy colors.

Samsung Jet Bot
The Samsung Jet Bot+ is a very elegant robot vacuum

On the top of the device there is a protruding disk, where the LiDAR sensor is located, and also two control buttons: start cleaning and return to the base. In the same place, there is a cover for accessing the dust reservoir. On its side, there are other anti-collision sensors, in addition to the on/off button. On its top edge is an LED to indicate battery health and status.

At the bottom, it has two powerful sprockets, plus a guide wheel, which helps it move. There is also the brush that pulls the dirt to the suction place and another rotating brush, which removes dirt from the floor with more force.

Samsung Jet Bot
Even with anti-collision sensors, the vacuum still has a frontal impact damping system

The base is quite large, following the size and weight of the vacuum cleaner. On the top, it has a lid to access the bag where the dust is deposited after the vacuum cleaner cleans the house. On the back, it has a cover that gives access to the filter.

Regarding specifications, the Samsung Jet Bot+ does not report its operating power, but I assure you that it is very powerful, even for the maximum noise of 76 dBA it is capable of generating. Its battery has autonomy for up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted operation, with a total recharge time of 240 minutes.

Samsung Jet Bot
The top of the vacuum has a lid that gives access to the dust reservoir

The vacuum cleaner’s dust container has a capacity of 300 ml, which is enough for heavy cleaning of large environments. This compartment, like the filters, is fully washable. The robot vacuum and base together weigh 8.4 kg.

Usability and performance

The LiDAR sensor is responsible for mapping the environment, and it is quite effective. It helps the device avoid spaces where it doesn’t fit, as well as clean places it can get in and out, working as a vision that calculates distances extremely accurately.

The other sensors are used to prevent the vacuum cleaner from hitting objects or falling off high surfaces, such as possible stairs or higher steps.

Samsung Jet Bot Lidar Sensor
The Samsung Jet Bot+ LiDAR sensor


The application used to control the Samsung Jet Bot+ is the well-known SmartThings, which works as a hub for all the brand’s smart devices. As it works integrated with your Samsung account, it can store information about connected devices, keeping them updated on their operating status.

The Samsung Jet Bot+ can be remotely controlled as it connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network, creating a bridge between the vacuum cleaner and the cell phone through SmartThings. The app lets you choose the cleaning mode, and suction level, create programs for automated cleaning, with date and time, and also choose to repeat cleaning until the battery runs out.

Samsung Jet Bot App
Through the SmartThings app, you can control all Jet Bot+ functions

In all, there are three cleaning modes, which are not worth detailing, as the end goal will be the same. The suction powers include a weaker, a stronger, and an intelligent one, which allows the device to automatically adjust to the degree of dirt in the environment.

Through SmartThings, it is still possible to view the map of the house and follow the movement of the vacuum cleaner in real-time, even from a distance, in addition to seeing the cleaning report, with data on the size of the area that was cleaned and the time it took. to perform the task.

Another nice feature is that you can indicate places that the vacuum should not clean, and it will simply avoid them. You can also choose a cleaning power level for each room.

Samsung Jet Bot Review
The Jet Bot+ has a side on/off button

Aside from all the convenience of controlling the Samsung Jet Bot+ by cell phone, the vacuum robot is still compatible with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa. Remembering that, as the communication between the cell phone and the device is via the Internet, you can control the vacuum cleaner from anywhere, such as the office, club, supermarket, friends’ houses, etc.

Important note: malfunction

During my tests, the Samsung Jet Bot+ activated itself automatically, without my consent, and without any scheduled cleanup.

During the period that the vacuum robot was in my house, there was a night when I woke up with the device inside my room, in full operation, at 1 am. I was quite scared, because the noise of the equipment already bothers me during the day, and it was terrifying at this time of the morning.

It’s worth mentioning that my cell phone had the Wi-Fi turned off and I don’t have any pets. Therefore, the question remains as to what could have triggered the vacuum cleaner.


As for the cleaning quality, the Samsung Jet Bot+ is impressive. The robot vacuum cleaner cleans very well, reaching every corner of the house very efficiently.

At first, you may even think that it will sabotage some areas of the environment, but in the clean, until the battery runs out mode, the device returns to places it has already been to be able to give it extra care, sucking in corners of the wall and around it. from the legs of a table, for example.

The Samsung Jet Bot+ leaves the floor really clean as it uses a brush and high performance to remove deeper layers of dust. And as the device has high-efficiency filters, it helps to make the air in the house cleaner, retaining up to 99.99% of the microparticles that form dust.

Samsung Jet Bot Cleaning
Bottom of Jet Bot+

After some time of use, I noticed a lot of hair tangled in the side brush, but this doesn’t seem to have affected the vacuum’s performance. To clean it, I just unscrewed the brush and the hair came out when I pulled.

About a dedicated “corner cleaning mode”, the device does not, as it cleans the entire environment in an intelligent way.

Samsung Jet Bot Cleaning
Jet Bot+ high-performance brush

Base and return to charging

At the end of the task, the vacuum robot returns to the base, and the emptying of the dust reservoir inside the device begins. The process is pretty quick but even noisier than the vacuum cleaner itself. The tip is to clean at busy times, to disguise the noise, or when no one is at home.

Samsung Jet Bot Cleaning
Jet Bot+ side brush

The dirt taken from the floor is transferred to the bag that is inside the base, without you having to come into contact with the dust. And the coolest thing is that the Samsung Jet Bot+ performs this task quite efficiently. You just need to keep parts of the floor from getting wet, as the moisture will make the dirt stick inside the inner compartment.

The Samsung Jet Bot+ always finds its base very easily, however, sometimes it has some difficulty climbing the accessory ramp and fitting into the platform. Anyway, I didn’t need to help him. He always managed to get away from her by a few inches and come back alone, until he completed the task.

Samsung Jet Bot charging
At the end of the cleaning, the Jet Bot+ returns alone to its base

The downside to cleaning is the lack of a mop system. Although the Samsung Jet Bot+ does a fabulous job of vacuuming, thorough cleaning even includes a good mop on the floor, a feature that this device lacks.

Samsung Jet Bot+: Direct competitors

The Samsung Jet Bot+ is costing around $8,000, and it is not very easy to find it on sale. A worthy competitor, both in price and in features, is iRobot ‘s Roomba i7+, priced between $6,300 and $6,500.

Samsung Jet Bot Competitor
Roomba i7+

The Roomba i7+ promises to deliver powerful cleaning, and it also features high-performance brushes on its underside. It also has a Wi-Fi connection, which means it can be controlled remotely, has scheduled cleaning, and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Roomba i7+ also has anti-impact and anti-drop sensors and can clean different types of surfaces. Like the Samsung vacuum, its filter can retain up to 99% of allergy-causing microorganisms and bacteria. Other similarities with the Samsung product include the washable dust container and the base for battery charging and automatic emptying of the internal compartment.

Is it worth buying the Samsung Jet Bot+?

The Samsung Jet Bot+ is a very intelligent robot vacuum, endowed with an incredible ability to map the environment and determine whether or not it can go through certain places, avoiding getting stuck. This feature is especially important if you plan to put the device in to clean the house while you’re away.

The vacuum is extremely effective at removing dirt from the floor, whether it’s larger debris, hair, or fine dust. It still helps to keep the air cleaner, as its filters retain 99.99% of microorganisms that are bad for health. On top of that, we don’t have to come into contact with dirt, as the dust container is automatically emptied.

Despite being very effective in the vacuuming function, the device does not have a more complete cleaning, as it does not pass a cloth, even though it costs approximately $8 thousand. Therefore, you should consider the possibility of buying a simpler vacuum cleaner and buying a device that only has the mop function, such as the Samsung Robot Mop (JetBot Mop). This, perhaps, is the ideal cleaning solution.

As an option as good as the Samsung Jet Bot+, I recommend the iRobot Roomba i7+, which has similar features and is considerably lower in value.

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