Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus may have a screen with curved sides

Xiaomi should soon present its Redmi Note 12 line of mid-range phones, and an alleged leaked advertising piece shows details of the devices . According to the content, the Pro Plus version may have a screen with curved sides.

The image reveals what appears to be a series of smartphones shown from the front angle, highlighting the Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus. From the photo you can see the curved screen, as well as the rounded corners.

It would be a significant change from the current model, which maintains the series standard and features a flat AMOLED panel. With this, Xiaomi will be able to bring a characteristic typical of advanced models, but for more affordable devices.

Previous rumors have already shown that the Redmi Note 12 line would come with a new Extreme version — therefore, the possibility that this is precisely the model with curved edges cannot be ruled out.

Anyway, this feature could be implemented to rival the Realme 10 Pro Plus as well. The device of the competing brand could be presented soon, according to an alleged poster released .

Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus: what to expect

Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus

The Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus does not yet have a complete datasheet, but previous news indicates that it will be able to bring new fast charging technologies up to 210 W. Meanwhile, the other models in the series should stay at 120 W and 67 W.

In addition, the smartphone can still rely on a MediaTek processor , as has happened in previous generations. If Xiaomi repeats the settings of the previous model, it will be possible to buy the Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus with up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

The device must still maintain the panel with support for refresh rates of at least 120 Hz, and Full HD resolution. Camera details are currently unknown.

A specific date for the launch of the Redmi Note 12 line has not yet been released, but the increasingly frequent appearance of rumors shows that they should appear soon.

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