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    Website Design Tips

    It is important to have a consistent color scheme when users or visitors ‘visit’ your page and navigate between the pages. The pages should be clearly labeled and look like they are part of the same site. If one page shows old branding colors and the rest of the pages have all been updated to a new color scheme, some people may inadvertently be turned off and not even know why.

    Font Usage
    There is a seemingly endless number of fonts available. Make sure that you use mainstream fonts or have alternative fonts setup in the code. It is generally a good practice to use a different font type for headings as what is used for body copy. For example, there are serif and sans-serif font types – depending on the style of the lettering.

    In terms of hosting, if you are selling products or your site will include eCommerce, sometimes the hosting company will charge you a transaction fee on top of the payment methods. Be aware of potential hidden fees when comparing hosting services. Some will also include the use of some themes and/or plug-ins, whereas others will charge an additional fee.

    Layout and Design
    Whether you use a WordPress template or build the code primarily on your own, you will need to still be confident of your layout. It is easy to try to include too many ‘bells and whistles,’ especially on your first couple of websites. Sometimes simplistic design is the best.

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