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    Few problems that an Envy printer may face are a touchpad, battery or hinge issue. If you have an issue with your TouchPad and you are unable to run your notebook on battery power or if you are unable to run the HP Support Assistant, uninstall the HP Support Assistant and then download and reinstall it.
    This is the biggest fault in the complete envy series. Go to their forum and you’ll see tons of complaints of hinges becoming loose which leads to the screen wobbling and the base plate coming out. These problems start to kick in around 8-10 months after purchase.
    Close the lid and turn it around so that the back is facing you. Some laptops have a plastic cover that hides the hinge mechanism. To remove this, unscrew any screws that may be holding it in place. If the hinge is still loose, then the laptop hinge may be damaged and should be replaced by a professional.

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