list of top 20 cbse schools in pune


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GG International School in Pune ( Pimpri) is an ISO Certified, co-educational and CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School in Pimpri which has been in existence since 2007. The school has time and again won awards, ranked amongst the best schools in PCMC and served more than 5000 students till now.The students have not only excelled in academics but also co-curricular activities.GG International School in Pune in the year 2018, 55% of our class 10th students scored 80% and above in board exams and 51 students in class 12th scored 70% and above.

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    1. DAV Public School

    2. Delhi Public School

    3. Air Force School

    4. Army Public School

    5. Pune International School

    6. The Orchid School

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