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    Sure thing. Here are the fundamentals I always work on when I’m trying to boost my performance in the jungle.

    1 – Pathing. Never get so used to a jungle path that you won’t go for a better one. With every patch, change, tweak, and rework new paths become viable for different champions, and there are always micro tweaks you can make in order to make your path more efficient, especially in the early game.

    2 – Ganking. It’s easy for junglers to fall into a pattern of clearing camps and only seeking to gank when they are “free”. But you should train yourself to always have an eye open for ganking opportunities, even if it means you’ll have to leave a camp half-killed behind — in some cases, it’s worth it.

    3 – Counter-jungling. Beginners often delay trying to learn this skill, but being able to properly track, manage, and defend against the enemy jungler is a key skill to have if you plan to stay in the jungle as you climb the ranks. Mastering this will require a lot of practice, and twice as much studying.

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