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New cell phone: what to do when purchasing a device?

What to do after buying a new cell phone? When changing cell phones, many people are faced with the same question: what to do when buying a new cell phone ? The answer is quite simple and you won’t need to do many things. First we should buy a case and film, to ensure the protection of the phone.

Afterwards, we have to access our account (Google Account for Android or Apple ID for iOS) or create a new one, configure security settings, configure personal assistants and download backups.

“But what about the battery, do I have to charge it for 12 hours?” No more. Currently, modern batteries no longer have this need, only needing to charge the cell phone for the first time.

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your first mobile
New cell phone: see everything to do when purchasing a device

Is it your first phone?

The steps won’t be that different. When buying your first new cell phone, you will have to follow the steps that we will detail below. The main ones are these:

  • Ensuring the security of your data on your cell phone;
  • Give the first battery charge;
  • Define device safety standards;
  • Configure the virtual assistant;
  • Link your accounts.

Ensure the safety of your new cell phone

After spending a good amount of money buying a new cell phone, you don’t want it to break, do you?

So, to ensure that it is protected, the first thing you should do when buying a new cell phone is also to buy a case, the famous cover, and a glass screen protector.

The case, which is available in different types, such as silicone, acrylic and many others, protects your cell phone from falls, shocks and scratches on the side and back. Already the glass film protects the screen of your new cell phone from scratches, scratches and cracks.

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First phone charging

The oldest question and one of the most recurrent about new cell phones is about the famous first charge of the cell phone. After all, do I need to charge my cell phone before using it?

Old batteries were made with a technology that had a memory effect, that is, it became addicted due to its incorrect use.

For example, if you charged it before it was completely depleted, in the next recharges it would have a smaller and smaller capacity. And one thing that prevented this effect was the first 12 hour charge.

first phone charging
Learn how to charge your new cell phone the first time

How to charge new cell phone

As newer batteries are made with another technology, lithium ion, this need no longer exists. The only thing you should do on the first phone charge is let the battery reach 100% normally.

Generally, the new cell phone comes with some charge and you can use it without any problems.

Security settings on new cell phone

new cell phone security
Set biometrics as a form of security on your new cell phone

It is important that you create a blocking method, either through a password, PIN, code or biometrics. This way, you prevent anyone from accessing your new cell phone and also protect your personal information in case of theft or loss.

To access these settings on Android, just open “Settings > Security > Screen Lock”. On the iPhone, just go to “Settings > Touch ID” and configure a blocking method of your choice for your new cell phone.

Another security option that should be activated is the “Find my device” feature, in case it is lost or stolen. On Android, you must activate it in: “Settings > Security > Find my device”. On the iPhone, go to the security settings, and turn on “Find my iPhone”.

One more useful tip is to add a security PIN to your new cell phone SIM card to prevent other people from using your number.

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Configure your personal assistant

configure personal assistant
Personal assistants help with many functions on your new phone

Smartphones, both Android and iOS, have personal assistants. These tools help you with different features of your new phone, such as searching, making calls, opening apps and many others. Android’s personal assistant is Google Assistant; of iOS is Siri.

In addition to the native assistants of the devices, there are still others, such as Bixby, from Samsung, and Alexa, from Amazon, that can be installed on your new cell phone. Alexa is also present in the Echo Dots, Amazon’s smart speakers that perform many actions.

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Link your accounts on your new phone

configure new cell phone
Use your Apple ID to configure your new cell phone

Another thing that should be done after buying a new cell phone is to access your Google or Apple account. Is it your first cell phone? So, you will need to create a new one, either on Android or iOS.

In case you already had a cell phone linked to this account, the transition from one model to the other is very simple, as the operating system itself transfers everything that has been backed up.

This goes for files, personal settings, security settings, passwords, payment details, photos, apps, messages and much more.

How to transfer files between Android phones?

On Android smartphones, you can do this file transfer in two ways. You can say to the Google assistant: “Ok Google, configure my device”, or you can go to “Settings > Google > Configure nearby device”.

How to transfer files between iPhones?

Already on the iPhone, you can make this transition using the “Quick Start”, just turn on the new cell phone and bring it closer to the old one. The quick start screen will automatically appear. If not, check if Bluetooth is turned on.

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Set up a destination for your photos on your new phone

Photos and videos are the items that take up the most space on your cell phone, whether taken with the device itself or those you receive in messaging apps.

So, when buying a new cell phone, the ideal thing is that you define a place to back up. On iOS, you can opt for Apple’s own iCloud. On Android, Google Photos is one of the main options.

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Switch from iPhone to Android

Did you know that you can transfer your data from iPhone to Android? For that, you have to download Google Drive on your iPhone and create a Google account or log in with one you already have.

Then, just open the app and configure it to backup your data. Backup saves contacts, calendar, photos and videos data to your new phone.

To configure the backup you must open the application, tap on the “Menu” (three stacked dashes), select “Settings” and, on the next screen, choose “Backup”.

Now just wait for the backup to complete. Once ready, log in with the same Google account used in Google Drive on your new phone and that’s it. So your iPhone data goes to Android.

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Buy a new cell phone with Android system

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Switch from Android to iPhone

move to iPhone
To migrate from Android to iPhone, use the Migrar para iOS app on your new cell phone

To migrate from an Android phone to an iPhone, you must first download the “Migrate to iOS” application on your old device (Android). On your new phone, go to “Apps & Data” and tap “Migrate Data from Android”.

On the old device, open the “Migrate to iOS” app and tap “Continue”. Agree to the terms and select “Next” on the “Find Code” screen.

On your new Apple phone, tap “Continue” and wait for a screen with a 6-digit code. Enter this code into the Android phone and wait until the “Transfer Data” screen appears.

Select the data you want to transfer and click “Next”. Wait until the progress is completed on both phones and click “OK” on Android and “Continue” on iOS and voila, your Android data will already be on the iPhone.

Buy a new Apple cell phone

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