Is the Samsung Galaxy M23 really any good?

Samsung has two lines of mid-range cell phones in Brazil at the moment. Galaxy A brings devices with attractive design and good technical data. Galaxy M, on the other hand, has a greater focus on specifications, without neglecting the design. It is on this Monday that the Samsung Galaxy M23 is found.

We analyzed the device, and classified it as the best value for money in its price range. If you want to understand the reason in a text more summarized than the analysis, you are on the right page.

With an attractive price and a good set of specs, the device seems to be a good buy. But is the Galaxy M23 really any good?

Good performance and 5G support

The Galaxy M23 5G may seem like an almost entry-level phone, but it’s a pretty powerful mid-ranger. The device has hardware as robust as the theoretically superior devices of the Galaxy A line, such as the Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 .

The Snapdragon 750G platform achieves CPU and GPU performance very close to the Exynos 1280 of the two aforementioned models. For some, the simple fact that it’s a Qualcomm chip is an advantage over these two rivals.

That is, if your focus is on gaming performance, the Galaxy M23 is not behind other slightly higher price range devices from Samsung itself. It’s a great intermediate, which will only need graphics reduction in heavier games.

In addition, it supports 5G, a new mobile broadband technology that has already become available in Brazil. Even if your city still doesn’t offer the new generation of mobile internet signal, it’s good to have the option.

In addition, 5G-capable phones have more up-to-date components, and will deliver a better experience in the coming years than 4G-only options.

good quality photos

One of the main advantages of the Galaxy M23 to other phones in its price range is the quality of the photos. The main rear camera achieves a good level of textures, dynamic range that guarantees details in light and dark areas and accurate colors.

The ultrawide and macro are not as good as the main one, but they are also above the average for smartphones up to R$1,500. The front camera also takes great selfies for you to share on social media.

But it’s not all praise for the Galaxy M23’s cameras. Low light photos have a lot of noise, and may not be very pleasing.

Video recording also has more positives than negatives. The image is of good quality and nice stabilization, and the sound captured is audible. But you need good lighting to get a good result.

Galaxy M23: photo examples

balanced cell

In short, the Galaxy M23 is a very balanced cell phone in its datasheet. An excellent value for money, as it can be found for around R$1,300 in frequent promotions.

The triple camera array on the rear, the 5,000mAh battery and the Snapdragon 750G processor are all within what you’d expect from a good mid-ranger. And it comes with Android 12 from the factory, with Android 13 expected to come.

It is good to note that the Galaxy M23 comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Many of its competitors even match the space for apps and files, but come with 2GB less RAM.

That is, it is a fast cell phone, which takes good pictures and has a satisfactory battery life, despite not being one of its strong points. Considering its national online retail price, you get a very complete device, with almost no weaknesses, at a very nice price.

Screen could be better

In addition to low-light photos, another point that the Galaxy M23 could do better is the screen. The TFT LCD panel isn’t bad, but it does fall short of some direct competitors like the Moto G52 , which has an OLED screen.

With this, the maximum brightness of the Samsung phone is lower than some of its competitors. The contrast level is also well below, as the pixels of black areas in the image are not completely erased, despite emitting very little light.

Samsung has tried to compensate for this weakness with an increased refresh rate of 120 Hz. This guarantees good fluidity in system animations and compatible apps, but despite being fast, the device’s processor is not really prepared for that.

In addition, the display has Full HD resolution, so clarity is guaranteed in videos and games.

If it had an OLED screen, the Galaxy M23 would be even better value for money. But you can’t have everything in life, and this weak point doesn’t make it a bad device either. On the contrary, it is still very good.

Is Samsung Galaxy M23 good?

A balanced mid-range phone, with a fast processor and a good set of cameras. The battery leaves nothing to be desired, and delivers more than a day of use with ease. Support for 5G networks is also present, and is an important point in 2022.

The big however are the low light photos, which despite not being so good, are still better than those of some competitors. In addition, it has the LCD screen, with lower brightness than OLED models. But the Full HD resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate are plus points.

And all this is available in national online retail for less than R$ 1,500. Even better, there are frequent promotions in which the Galaxy M23 costs R$1,300, an excellent price for what it delivers.

I repeat the title of the review here: the Galaxy M23 is the best value for money in its category. It is worth more than competitors like Moto G52 and also than other Samsungs like Galaxy A33. At least if your focus is the datasheet, and if you don’t care about the LCD screen.

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