Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Review

When it comes to headphones, consumers have at their disposal a series of products from different categories. As far as wireless headphones are concerned, that is, wireless, the offer is even more striking. The technologies of these devices have evolved, in addition to being launched with increasingly refined finishes.

Another product of this segment developed by Samsung is on sale in the market. This is the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the company’s new premium headphone jack. A year after the first generation Pro, this product promises to win over users not only by the ears but also by the eyes.

We have tested the devices and have all the details below.


A very visible thing in Samsung’s strategy is the choice to create products with an ultra-modern design. The recent Galaxy Z Flip4 5G won’t let us lie — even this is the smartphone’s greatest triumph in innovation. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro follows the mobile color palette. The difference now is that he is much more polished than his predecessor.

The headphones are sold in a box that already points to a significant change: they are smaller. The comfort zone was expanded with a 15% reduction in the size of each device. Plus, they weigh just 5.5g. Its ergonomics are more efficient, adapting better to the shape of each user’s ear.

Available in white, black, and violet, it’s hard not to fall in love with its compact appearance. That “book is not judged by its cover” story is true. But here, both the cover and the content proved to be attractive and of high quality.

Samsung headphones are also IPX7 certified, which promotes water resistance against sweat and splashes, something that is already common in the company’s catalog. With a comfortable and practical fit, the best is yet to come.

Usage and connectivity

The daily process is simple: the user opens the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro case to plug in the headphones and connect it to a device via Bluetooth. When this handset is a Galaxy smartphone, this is made even easier. A message on the cell phone screen allows the headphones to connect to the system with just one touch.

Inside each earphone, there is a compartment composed of two-way speakers, which capture a wider frequency of sound; a woofer, which promotes deeper bass; and a tweeter, responsible for the crisp highs. In constant tests, trying them on different devices, the feeling is that the bass sound performs better than the treble. It’s not bad, but, taking the details, it could be a little more refined.

Samsung also offers here a product with enhanced 360 audio and 24-bit Hi-Fi Hi-Fi sound considered studio quality. In practice, this results in a clear, rich, and powerful sound during playback.

That feature that steals the show yet again is ANC or active noise cancellation. By holding for three seconds on the surface of either earbud, the mode is activated. It’s an uplifting experience and really true to Samsung’s proposal. The other shortcuts are: to play songs and audio by double tapping on the surface and answering calls or play/pause songs by just tapping the surface.

The headphones also have three high-sensitivity microphones in each piece. They work well, although a little muffled during internet calls — and that’s considering a great ISP connection. However, its performance is consistent both in quiet environments and in the wind, for example.

Users still have some extra tools, such as SmartThings Find, which locates the product through the application available on Android and iOS. Bixby virtual assistant and personalized stretching notifications are also available alongside these smart gadgets.


One of the most controversial — if not the most controversial — topics of portable electronics is the battery. Here, Samsung sells the promise of up to 18 hours of use and 14 hours of active voice calling (both adding headphones+cases). In fact, use is quite prolonged.

Depending on the frequency and intensity of use, it is possible to leave the headphones out of the charging case for almost an entire day. The case is even small but very agile in its work. It provides more power to appliances in a very short time. The product comes with a cable, but not a power supply.

The versatility to charge it while wearing the headphones and then keep it at 100% is actually very handy. Didn’t fail our test in any specific episode. The total battery capacity of the case is 515 mAh.

price and availability

The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro is available in general commerce physical and virtual stores throughout the Globe. Both Samsung and partner establishments are selling the product, the price of which may vary depending on the chosen store, shipping, and promotions.


It is necessary to recognize when the promise becomes reality. The new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is really everything it appears to be. In addition to being charming in appearance, its system is intelligent, and very well integrated, with great noise cancellation and exquisite audio reproduction.

It’s a little complex to imagine so soon how a future ‘Galaxy Buds 3 Pro’, if called that, will manage to improve what is already great. But as long as the privileged consumer can enjoy the current model, that challenge is up to Samsung.

Technical specifications

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro


  • excellent design
  • Great fit in the ear
  • Highly fast and smart connectivity
  • Exquisite active noise cancellation and powerful audio
  • Longevity battery


  • Treble is less equivalent to bass
  • Microphones voice a little muffled on internet calls
  • slightly high price

REVIEW: Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

In addition to being beautiful, Samsung’s new wireless headphones are versatile and very comfortable.

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