samsung galaxy book2 pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro Review

The light notebook market is one of the fastest growing day after day, and one of Samsung’s investments for 2022 could not be other than the Galaxy Book2 Pro. The model really surprised me by unifying the best of what is available in the industry today. I would easily say that this is the company’s alternative for those who want to have the power of a MacBook but without the need to make an investment of over R$14,000. Check out the full review to know all the details of the user experience right now!

design and construction

I was looking forward to starting this review and commenting that my biggest surprise with the Galaxy Book2 Pro is its weight — which often even made me feel like I was holding a book with less than 100 pages. For testing, Samsung sent me the 15.5-inch model that weighs just 1.17 kg.

samsung galaxy book2 pro
Model is extremely thin and light

With a reinforced plastic structure that helps with low weight, the model can be easily placed in the backpack and taken to different places, without causing discomfort after a while. For a person who uses a model that weighs almost 3 kg on a daily basis, the experience was refreshing, as I was able to use a light and easily transportable model, but without giving up power.

samsung galaxy book2 pro design
Screen has high quality and model can be easily taken anywhere

I need to comment that the way your design was made is not perfect. Although the black color is quite beautiful and elegant, the grayish-toned part of the lid does not have a coating or material that prevents fingerprints from registering and I had to clean it twice in the two weeks I had the product.

samsung galaxy book2 pro top side
Notebook can be easily carried with just one hand

Another comment is about the webcam: many models launched in 2021 and 2022 already have a small mechanism that covers the webcam so that, even if activated, the image is not seen by those on the other side. It is a simple item, but it provides that security increase in everyday life, since the possibility of accessing the camera depends only on the user.

The Galaxy Book2 Pro keyboard has an international format with keys of the ideal size for those with large hands that have not presented me with problems on a daily basis. It is important to remember that no, typing will not be silent, but I managed to deliver all the demands here at Showmetech with the best possible comfort and without the need to stop for a while due to some inconvenience. And on the power button, there is a fingerprint reader that makes it very easy to access the system in less than 5 seconds.

samsung galaxy book2 pro bottomside
Hot air and sound vents are on the back

ports and connectivity

Ultra-thin models are following a pattern that can be a problem for those who use many devices connected to the notebook. I, for example, have a wireless mouse whose adapter needs to use a USB input during all the time of use, and without another input like this, it is impossible to use another device with a USB connection, requiring replacement. The Galaxy Book2 Pro has:

  • 1x Thunderbolt 4 in USB-C format;
  • 1x USB-C;
  • 1x USB-A 3.2x
  • 1x HDMI;
  • 1x Headphone jack;
  • 1x MicroSD slot.

USB-C standardization is a market action that has been very successful and finally, companies are increasingly choosing to use this standard. However, in this light notebook option from Samsung, in my opinion, it would be necessary to include one or more two USB-A ports so that the user does not have to choose a device when a new one needs to be used. The minimum would be the possibility of using at least two devices connected at the same time.

One way to end the “problem” of lack of more traditional connections is through USB-C connections. The same wire that allows battery charging can also be used to exchange files with smartphones and tablets, which helps when needed. But you will still have to choose between connecting a flash drive or connecting an adapter with USB-A input.

About connectivity, I have a 2.5 GHz router in my house, but the Galaxy Book2 Pro can be connected with routers with Wi-Fi 6E standard, which guarantees better speed and connection switching. The notebook also arrives in the Brazilian market with a Bluetooth 5.2 antenna that can reconnect with devices in less than 2 seconds, which helps in everyday life when you go back to work or need agility to take care of a project.


Whether a more mid-range or premium model, the latest Windows notebook cameras have a common problem: none of them are focused on delivering high quality. This has an explanation: smartphones now have lenses so powerful that investing in lenses that make the product more expensive makes no sense. This was the result of a selfie :

Despite all the Samsung technologies present in its smartphones, this lightweight computer still uses Microsoft’s native application to capture photos and videos. And the quality in low-light environments drops a lot.

A feature that differentiates the model from the other models I tested this year is that there is an application from Samsung itself that gives that special touch to the camera, but here we are not talking about any element that improves the final image. Studio Mode allows activating face effects, background effects, and auto framing (the best of features).

The lens can record in 1080p quality and take photos at up to 2.1 MP, which honestly, is just the basics that will serve you on a daily basis. On the one hand, I understand that the Korean company delivered a less powerful lens to focus on other aspects, but I also expected a lens that would take better-quality photos and make video calls in 2K quality. Who knows in the Galaxy Book3 generation, right?

screen and sound

The Galaxy Book2 Pro was launched in Brazil with a 15.6-inch Super AMOLED display with FHD resolution (1920×1080 ). The display has a peak brightness that reaches an average of 394 nits, which is more than enough to watch content on YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services without lighting problems.

samsung galaxy book2 pro screen sound
Display has FHD quality

In the final tests, I noticed that there is a functionality in the system that monitors when a person is in front of the screen or not. This causes a slight decrease in brightness when you step away from the computer, regardless of what level it is. It’s an interesting feature that decreases battery drain but doesn’t detract from or enhance your visual experience.

Outdoor use can be done without problems, but it’s important to remember that the Galaxy Book2 Pro’s screen does not have its own anti-glare protection to prevent the display from becoming a mirror. That doesn’t mean you’ll have problems when you’re somewhere uncovered, but it’s better to use it in the shade.

The sound is another point worth mentioning: Samsung has placed a pair of speakers located near the “rubber feet”, manufactured by AKG and with a power of 5W. Day-to-day use was great and the maximum volume managed to fill my entire room, but I missed some applications or features in the system for more enhanced control. The user ends up depending on apps like Spotify or different websites.


The battery is one of the parts I like to test in notebooks the most because its autonomy is one of the most important points when making a new purchase. The Galaxy Book2 Pro has a battery of 68 Wh that managed to serve me well during the day-to-day. Samsung promises a maximum duration of 21 hours in video playback alone.

samsung galaxy book2 pro drums
USB-C charger can be used in other devices

On a daily basis, I managed to reach the maximum duration of 03h44 when using it for browsing and playing music with wired headphones. It’s important to remember that this time can vary a lot from user to user due to how you’re going to work on the model, but I honestly had a good experience. For those who have a model that needs to be recharged at least twice a day, having a device that lowers that to just once is great.

Fully charging the battery took the exact time of 02h05 to complete and the manufacturer sends a 60W charger that can be used in other devices with a USB-C port. It’s an interesting factor because as soon as I noticed that the notebook was recharged, I just took the charger out of the computer and put it on my cell phone, which was also made by Samsung.

Noise, heating, and lighting

Despite being a lightweight computer, the Galaxy Book2 Pro is far from silent, even for the simplest of tasks. I noticed that the notebook strains a lot when the system is booting up as there are a lot of Samsung apps starting in the background. With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that whenever I was without headphones, I’d hear the fan’s work.

samsung galaxy book2 pro
Backlit keyboard helps in darker environments

There is a hot air outlet on the back which helps a lot with temperature control and the performance of all functionality and apps. I tested the lap-use option for about an hour and even though the fans were working, it wasn’t a bother. Remembering that the most recommended thing is that the notebook is placed on a support so that the hot air does not have problems coming out.

samsung galaxy book2 pro
Ambient light sensor makes automatic control

And there’s a backlight that helps in darker days/environments, giving that experience upgrade that makes a difference in everyday life. There’s a sensor that can detect whether or not you need keyboard lighting, helping to save battery life. But I missed an app that would allow manual control of this functionality.


As it has the Intel Core i7-1260P processor, the Galaxy Book2 Pro hits the market with Windows 11 installed from the first use, but here we have a version that is somewhat modified by Samsung to increase the compatibility of its applications and even from WhatsApp. In many ways, I consider this decision to have both a good and a bad side.

I’ve noticed that there are applications that are simply installed by the company’s willingness to “force” its One UI operating system. The Gallery app that we see on Galaxy smartphones is available, but everyone knows that the Windows file explorer does its job very classy. Another app that can go unnoticed is Quick Search, which is basically a File Explorer with a better interface, but with the same functionality.

However, not everything went wrong: Quick Share is great for anyone who has a Galaxy smartphone, as it allows you to quickly share files of various sizes in about 10 seconds.

Another hit is the Samsung Flow, which allows seamless work between devices: it is possible to have access to the clipboard and even control the smartphone through the computer.

In any case, it’s worth noting that you’ll make better use of the Galaxy Book2 Pro if you already have a smartphone or tablet made by Samsung.

The model even received modifications to its operating system to make it more intuitive to use. Some of the apps are unnecessary, but others make a difference in everyday life.

gaming performance

Of course, models like the Galaxy Book2 Pro aren’t just for gaming, but here, backed by 16GB of RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD, the model didn’t disappoint. When running Fortnite with the unlimited frame rate, I was able to enjoy it with no errors or delays in the video or audio that caused problems in matches.

samsung galaxy book2 pro Gaming
Model managed to run Fortnite without problems

It is important to remember that this notebook from Samsung has a 12th-generation processor that is part of the Intel Evo platform, so the graphics card is an integrated Intel Arc. That doesn’t sound bad, because even being taken to the maximum, the model managed to deliver a good performance in the success of Epic Games.

samsung galaxy book2 pro
Integrated board does the trick in several tasks

The device can also be a good option for architects and even simpler video editors, who need a lightweight notebook that doesn’t leave high performance aside. I also had no problems using the official Canva app for Windows, I was even surprised by how fast the speed of images and videos was, which is an important highlight.

synthetic tests

In addition to testing during my daily life, I like to know how notebooks would perform in activities that I don’t usually do in my daily life. For this, I used two applications — PCMark 10 and Cinebench Mark — to raise the level of testing on the Galaxy Book2 Pro.

PCMark 10

In a very basic way, this app puts the computer to the test in various activities, such as video calls, typing documents, and editing content. The Galaxy Book2 Pro managed to score 5,137 points. Look:

samsung galaxy book2 pro pcmark 10
Model surpassed 5,000 points in benchmark tests

For comparison, the ASUS Zenbook OLED Space Edition, which has an Intel Core i7-2700H processor, scored 4,593 points in this same app. The highlight of the Samsung model was the creation of content and productivity, which by the way is the main focus of the Korean company in launching this product.

Cinebench R23

More focused on graphics activities, Cinebench R23 puts notebooks to run graphics activities that can be demanding on the graphics card. See how Intel Arc fared in single-core and multi-core tests. It is important to note that the notebook was tested in connection with the outlet, so there is no drop in performance.

samsung galaxy book2 pro cinebench R23
Model did well in graphics tests

We can compare, for example, the result in the Cinebench R23 of the ZenBook OLED Space Edition: the ASUS notebook achieved 4,116 points in the Multi-Core test, while the Single Core tests gave 690 points, values ​​below the Galaxy Book2 Pro. It’s hard to say which model would be better, as both have Intel’s integrated graphics cards, so the conclusion is: depending on your investment power, both will meet your needs.


Ideal for people who need a powerful and lightweight model at the same time, the Galaxy Book2 Pro is a model that manages to be a game changer if you use a model developed in 2020 or in previous years. However, this change will cost 12,999.00 , which can be a problem for those who don’t want to invest a lot.

samsung galaxy book2 pro review
Model delivers good power, but price can be an issue

Of course, high power in everyday tasks will be delivered and you can even afford the notebook if you use it as a work tool. The model is great, has good storage, and even manages to do well in heavier games. However, having to invest more than BRL 10,000 in a computer — as much as it delivers many benefits — can be too much for some people. So, it might be worth waiting a while or some special promotion to pay less — after all, your launch price can be your biggest enemy.

Technical specifications

samsung galaxy book2 pro specifications
Galaxy Book2 Pro was launched on August 2022


Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro


12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P

Operational system

Windows 11

Video card

Intel Arc (Integrated)

RAM memory





Full HD (1920 x 1080) with 13.3″ or 15.6″


gray and graphite


Up to 21 hours of video playback


5W AKG speakers


WiFi 6E

doors and exits

1x Thuderbolt 4
1x USB-C
1x USB 32x
Headphone jack
MicroSD jack


15.5 inch model: 1.17 kg

Bonus Features

Fingerprint reader
Smartphone compatibility
Enterprise-grade security
Video call noise cancellation
Support for Bixby
Full HD webcam


60,990 INR


As of August 17, 2022

Verdict: Galaxy Book2 Pro

The model is lightweight and has a premium design, as well as delivering high power in various everyday tasks. Its price is a problem at the time of launch, but the investment can be worth it in a special promotion period.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro Pros & Cons


  • good canvas
  • Good sound
  • The keyboard makes typing easier
  • Charger with a USB-C connection
  • good for games
  • 1TB storage
  • Conversation with Samsung Devices


  • The system has unnecessary apps
  • Only one USB-A input
  • High launch price
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