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Framework of a program work with technical specialties

Framework of a program work with technical specialties

Coursework is composed of an explanatory note and a graphic (illustrative) material.

Framework regarding the explanatory note associated with program work:

  • title page;
  • abstract;
  • content;
  • selection of notations and abbreviations (if required);
  • Introduction;
  • The part that is mainsections, chapters);
  • Summary (conclusions regarding the work done);
  • listing of resources of literary works;
  • annexes.

The following part are attached to the course work

  • report on course work;
  • electronic version
  • paper version bound
  • certificate of verification of this number of plagiarism.


The part that is graphic design, illustrative materials regarding the program work, such as for instance drawings, diagrams, slides, etc.

Abstract as a component of course work

An obligatory requirement of program tasks are the logical connection between its parts therefore the consistent growth of the primary notion of this issue through the entire work.

The abstract should include: info on the scope of work, the quantity of illustrations, tables, applications, the amount of components (chapters) of work, the sheer number of sources utilized; a number of key words; the writing regarding the abstract.

The menu of keywords should include from 5 to 15 terms or phrases through the text associated with the work, which most characterize its content and offer the likelihood of data retrieval. The important thing words are given within the nominative situation and are printed in lowercase letters in a line through commas.

The text regarding the abstract should mirror:

  • Object of development or research;
  • aim of the task;
  • method or methodology for the work;
  • outcomes of work;
  • fundamental analytical, constructive, technological and technical and operational faculties;
  • application area;
  • the value of the work;
  • predictive presumptions about the growth of the item of research.

Content part of this course work and introduction

A list is contained by the content of parts and sections of term paper utilizing the indicator associated with the web page figures upon which each component of work begins.

The introduction justifies the option regarding the topic, decided by its relevance, clinical novelty and / or practical importance; formulates the situation in addition to selection of problems necessary to re solve it; determines the objective of the work having its division into an interconnected group of tasks to be solved when it comes to disclosure associated with subject; suggests object of research or development, research practices are determined, a quick report on the study base and literature sources is provided.

The goal of the investigation is to re solve the clinical or practical problems, to have knowledge that is new the topic and object. A working hypothesis can be formulated, an assumption about a possible result of a study that has to be confirmed or refuted along with the goal. The goals regarding the research are based on the target (hypothesis) set and are usually specific stages that are successivemethods) of solving the difficulty.

The choice of this or that concept, theory, principles, approaches, which guided the student, is justified in the description of research methods. The apparatus that is terminological of research is described. Specific means of solving the tasks, methods and processes for performing the experiment are characterized and determined, processing of outcomes, etc.

The resources of systematic research are comprehended given that totality straight found in the task of materials information that is bearing the main topic of research. These can include published and(archival that is unpublished materials which can be found in official papers, projects, technical documents, systematic and educational literary works, reference and information, bibliographic, analytical publications, dissertations, texts, manuscripts, reports on research and development work, and so on.

The approbation associated with total outcomes of the study suggests which scientific seminars, seminars, roundtables, the outcomes of studies within the course work were reported. A list is provided if there are publications in the peer-reviewed journals.

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