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Echo Dot 4 vs Echo Show 5: which is the best Alexa?

In case you’re in doubt about Echo Dot 4 vs Echo Show 5, you’ve come to the right place. We compare the two smart speakers and highlight the main features of each. Thus, you will have no doubts when choosing the best one for your home.

For those unfamiliar with the devices, the Echo Dot 4 is the 4th generation of Amazon’s cheapest smart box. The Echo Show 5 is an Alexa with a screen, that is, a box with an interactive panel. Both have voice commands, enough sound for you to hear your music very well and even more! Next, see our comparison to find out which of the Echo Dot 4 vs Echo Show 5 is ideal for your home!

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echo show 5
Alexa Echo Show 5 plays videos and music and has an interactive panel

Design: Echo show 5 vs Echo Dot 4

The Echo Show 5’s design is the highlight. With the right to the front camera and touch operation , this Alexa screen has a pyramid shape. It measures 14cm wide, 8.6cm high and 7.3cm deep. The Echo Dot 4 has a simple design, just like the entire Echo Dot family. It has a spherical shape with dimensions of 10 cm wide and 8.9 cm high – it is worth noting that there is another version, the Echo (which is not Dot), which is larger and has dimensions of 14.4 cm by 13.3 cm . In addition, it has 360° speakers and four buttons on top. There, the Echo Dot 4 has two volume controls, a microphone off button and an action button.

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The Echo Show 5’s speaker fills virtually its entire side and back. It is worth mentioning that the entrances are also located on the back. There is one for power, a micro USB and an audio output. On the top of the Alexa Echo Show 5 is where the volume buttons are, a cap for the camera and microphone, in addition to the button that turns off the audio capture.

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You can find the Echo Dot 4 in some colors, such as white, black and blue. On the back, the Amazon device has a power input and a P2 output for connecting headphones or a sound cable. Alexa 4th generation still has an LED ring on the bottom. It is also worth noting that, according to Amazon, the Alexa Echo Dot 4th generation has 50% of the plastics and 100% of the fabrics recycled post-consumer.

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echo dot 4 alexa
The Echo Dot 4 has four long-range microphones


About the microphones, it is noteworthy that the Echo Show 5 has two to capture the commands. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot 4 features four long-range. However, Alexa with a screen, even with half the audio pickups, is just as effective as other Amazon devices. It is worth mentioning that both options have excellent voice capture and that they respond to commands even if there is some distance.

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The Amazon Echo Show 5 has a 4W speaker of sound power. It may not guarantee great and nuanced sound immersion, but it is sufficient for most closed rooms. The audio volume is satisfactory, even with poorly defined bass.

About the Echo Dot 4, even with the manufacturer not reporting the speaker power, the power is reasonable for indoors. It is possible to listen to your music even when changing environments, as with the Echo Show 5. Amazon also guarantees that the Alexa Echo Dot 4 speaker has front routing that ensures balanced bass, in addition to clear vocals and full sound. However, it is worth noting that it does not have automatic audio adjustment according to ambient noise.

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alexa echo show 5
With your Echo Show 5 you can check the weather forecast, set alarms and even have an interactive picture frame

Echo Dot 4 vs Echo Show 5 : Features and functions

It is worth mentioning that Alexa with a screen is configured through the panel, which makes the first moment much more practical. Once you’ve set it up, choosing your skills – the features you choose to have on your device – is very simple. In addition, it also facilitates the consumption of audiovisual content and exchange it via voice commands.

The Echo Show 5 also has real-time monitoring, which consists of being able to access the device’s camera through the cell phone. You can also make video calls from your Echo Show 5 with other compatible devices. In addition, with your Alexa screen, you can also set alarms, check your calendar or the news of the day.

Of course, you can use your Alexa Echo Show 5 to play music and videos through your favorite apps. You can also use it as a smart photo frame: using the Facebook connection, your Echo Show 5 displays your photos. What’s more, everything can be accessed via voice commands.

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In the meantime, to use the Echo Dot 4 you must connect your device to the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone – or another device running Fire OS, Android or iOS – to set it up. Once connected, almost all commands can be done by voice.

However, it is worth mentioning that some skills must be unlocked in the app to be used. It is worth noting that the Alexa Echo Dot 4 does not have more advanced features, such as automatic sound adjustment. Its functions are more basic, in addition to not having a screen. In addition, the Echo Dot 4 must be plugged in at all times for use.

Alexa Echo Dot 4th generation can control your smart home, play your music and control everything via voice commands. The device can also answer questions, read news and even check the weather forecast. With the Echo Dot 4, you can even create alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more. You can also use it to make calls – but only by voice.

With multi-room music, the Echo Dot 4 syncs music in your rooms with other compatible Echo devices. You can still sync your Alexa Echo Dot 4 with your Fire TV Lite and enjoy home theater sound.

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Value for money: Echo Dot 4 vs Echo Show 5?

While the Echo Show 5 can be found for $74.99 (INR 5,499), the Amazon Echo Dot 4 version costs around $34.99 (INR 3,999). Considering less than $50 difference between the two and all the features, pay a little more to have it. some more functions, maybe it’s worth it depending on what you want.

If you need video features like monitoring or video calling – even watching a little video every now and then – then the Alexa Echo Show 5 might be worth choosing. choose the Echo Dot 4, a more basic and also cheaper device.

The point is that between Echo Show 5 vs Echo Dot 4, both are very worthwhile for those who want to have extra help. For your choice, you need to define how much you can spend and what your goals are with the device. One thing is for sure: both are great options for your home.

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