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Black Adam Trailer | 5 Important Details You Didn’t See

The latest trailer for Black Adam finally brought out more plot details that the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe (DCEU) movie is expected to feature. Although filled with some clichés, it introduces several elements of the story and makes it clear how Dwayne Johnson will behave in the midst of this world of superheroes – including the real threat he must face.

As might be expected, the focus of disclosure is still on the very peculiar way the protagonist sees justice. And this is something that is connected with its origin. Coming out of tragedy and in a very different time than heroes like Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Black Adam is someone who destroys first and doesn’t ask questions later.

But, more than giving this overview of the story, the new trailer talks a lot about how the film fits into the DCEU as a whole, makes connections with the other Warner hero films and even shows the size of the danger that is approaching. .

5. The origin of Black Adam

We already had a good idea of ​​how Black Adam was going to appear in the film from its history in the comics and what the previous trailers have already shown, but the new video makes that much clearer, also placing the emergence of the anti-hero in the present tense.

As already anticipated, Black Adam will even be a slave who lived 5000 years ago and who gains his powers from a family tragedy. As it turns out, your son will be killed by some lord and, in his grief, the character will be chosen by the Mage Shazam to be his new champion. The problem is, with powers, Adam becomes uncontrollable.

There are some lines in the trailer that encapsulate this very well. When they say that he didn’t come back in search of justice, but of revenge, it is already clear how the protagonist sees the world. For him, the world is corrupt and only his brutal way of acting is considered fair – which is nothing more than a way of getting revenge for what humanity did to him 5 thousand years in the past.

It’s the kind of development that could make Black Adam a lot more interesting than the old “my powers are not gifts, but a curse” cliché that the trailer also introduces.

At the same time, we still see a little bit about the character’s awakening in the present time. It is not clear how he was imprisoned or how he resurfaced today, but it is very likely that this is linked to the Seven Deadly Sins and, who knows, to the demon that appears at a certain point.

4. Amanda Waller’s Role and Connections to the DCEU

The appearance of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is not a surprise, as rumors pointed out that we would see the character appearing at some point. However, her prominence is key to dictating not only the tone, but the way Black Adam fits into the DCEU.

As is clear, the Justice Society reports directly to the bigwig — which means Waller has yet another group of super-beings under his belt. So while she has the Suicide Squad on hand to handle covert and clandestine missions, the Society must be the beautiful, heroic side of her department, the pride of the PR team.

In addition, there is a small easter egg in this appearance of the character. As she talks to Hawkman about what to do with Black Adam, you can see in the corner of the screen Waller’s relationships with other groups — and you can see that she’s related to the Justice League.

At first, it seems to be just a mention that shows the valuable contacts she has. However, what matters in this mention is that Black Adam seems to be willing to connect the pieces of the DCEU that Warner has always left loose along the way and try to create a unity. So both Amanda Waller’s participation as a great mentor of the whole thing and these links (albeit tiny) with the Justice League already create an interesting cohesion at DC.

3. The Justice Society

After so long just showing the Justice Society by the corners, the new trailer for Black Adam finally plucked up the courage to show the heroes in all their splendor. I mean, part of them. Atom Crusher (Noah Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) are still high-profile extras, but you can’t help but get excited about Hawkman and Doctor Fate.

The duo is the one who steals the show in the trailer, showing how important they will be within the plot and in the anti-hero’s own evolution. In the case of Doctor Fate, this is quite obvious even by the role of leader he assumes, being a kind of mentor who will try to help the protagonist and find a new purpose in the world. At the same time, seeing his powers in action is really cool, not least because his more colorful look contrasts a lot with the lifeless sepia tone of the film’s photography.

As for Hawkman, he must be the deuteragonist of the whole thing—that gruff ally who is almost like a rival. In other words, he’s going to be Black Adam ‘s Vegeta , picking on the anti-hero and eventually getting into a fight, but later proving to be an important ally.

This is an expected dynamic, but it seems to work well. It is already clear that he has an arrogance that will make him clash with Black Adam and, not by chance, the confrontation between them is what takes up the most time in the trailer. Not to mention his look is one of the coolest in the entire movie.

Still talking about the Justice Society, it’s really cool to see the team and the whole structure around it. With a very X-Men footprint, it will be shown that the group’s base is in a beautiful mansion whose garden opens up to make room for their ship. It’s a detail, but one that already anticipates how DC’s first superteam has a much more solidified structure than anything we’ve seen so far with Justice League and Suicide Squad .

2. Sabbac, the demonic villain

The big news of the trailer and Black Adam is not on the side of the heroes. In fact, it is the revelation of who will be the great villain that the protagonist and his team will have to face: Sabbac, the demonic “Evil Shazam”.

He appears very briefly in the trailer, first emerging from the flames and then fighting Hawkman. The look is very similar to the comics, with the satanic aspect and the pentagram on the chest. But what really matters is how this should impact the plot.

So far, all we’ve seen of Black Adam is this talk that the anti-hero needs to be contained and choose between being the salvation or destruction of the world. So much so that the trailer itself continues to highlight this clash between him and the Justice Society. The difference is that it is now obvious that this is not going to be the main issue of the script.

In the comics, Sabbac is a kind of evil Shazam, that is, a human who also gains mystical powers from the influence of certain gods — or, in this case, demons. In fact, his name is an acronym for “Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis”.

So, just as Billy Batson turns into Shazam when he speaks the magic word, the villain Timothy Karnes turns into Sabbag when he mentions the lords of hell, being struck by a black bolt and turning himself into a demon. And that’s something that works really well in the Black Adam script .

Bearing in mind that Dwayne Johnson’s character also gained his powers from the Wizard Shazam, it’s easy to imagine he’s awakened in the present tense by someone in search of those powers. Wanting this mystical force, Timothy Karnes can go after Black Adam, freeing him from his prison. And somehow he gets that strength from the evil forces, turning Sabbac.

1. Fate makes no mistakes

Here’s a line that appears loose in the trailer, but that seems to be quite significant within the context in which it is presented. When talking about Black Adam’s role in the world’s current moment, Doctor Fate briefly speaks of “fate makes no mistakes”.

The point is that, at the same moment the sentence is said, we see a frame of Doctor Fate himself awakening from what appears to be a trance or nightmare — and with a not very excited face. This could indicate that, in fact, Sabbac’s awakening may be related to Doctor Fate himself.

It’s unclear how this could happen, but it’s a very subtle hint that the trailer seems to have delivered. And given that all of Black Adam ‘s hype is based on a few cheap clichés, any hint of something else deserves our attention.

Black Adam hits theaters on October 20th.

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