best xiaomi earphones

Best Xiaomi Earphones

Xiaomi earphones are synonymous with quality and value for money. Darlings of users, they combine power, interesting sound features and good price. Currently, there are many options for branded headphones on the market and, to help you in this mission, we have selected the ones that stand out the most.

There are three models from the Redmi AirDots line, second and third generation, in addition to the Chinese 3 Pro version and also in the Global version. Also on our list are the Mi True 2 Basic and Mi Basic models, the manufacturer’s simplest options. Next, find out which is the best Xiaomi phone to buy in 2022.

best xiaomi earphones
Xiaomi earphones are known for their good value for money

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How did we get to the best Xiaomi earphones list?

To help you find the best Xiaomi headphones of 2022, we’ve selected models of different types (wired, TWS), with varied features and a focus on cost-effectiveness. Prices vary between $20 and $300. It should be noted that all Xiaomi headphone options are compatible with Android and iPhone (iOS) devices and not only with the brand’s own cell phones.

Enjoy and take a look at our selection of the best Xiaomi phones for 2022!

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Xiaomi Mi Basic

The Xiaomi Mi Basic is the first Xiaomi headset on our list. It is also the simplest. One of its highlights is the presence of electronic control and microphone, to adjust the volume, control the playback of your music and answer calls. The device has balanced and dynamic sound, and has P2 input and 1.25 meter cable. It still has good ergonomics, thanks to the silicone earphones that fit very well in the ear, providing a good experience.

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Why is Mi Basic a good Xiaomi headset?

  • cheapest on the list
  • It is ergonomic and lightweight
  • 1.25 meter cable
  • Has microphone and controller

Redmi AirDots 2

Now, we have one of the biggest successes of the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset, the Xiaomi Airdots 2 headset, which has long been the brand’s best seller. The second generation of the line has one of the best value for money. A great highlight is its noise canceling system for calls, which promises to make the user’s voice stand out, eliminating external noise. But it is important to say that it has no active noise cancellation feature.

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This Xiaomi wireless headphone has 7.2mm drivers, which deliver good sound quality. Its Bluetooth is 5.0, which delivers different audio tracks to each earphone. Its internal battery lasts for 4 hours per charge, in addition to 12 hours in the case, generating a total autonomy of 16 hours.

Why is Redmi Airdots 2 on the list of best Xiaomi earphones?

  • Best value for money
  • Its drivers ensure good audio quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0, ensures more stable and secure connection
  • 16 hours of autonomy (case + headphones)

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

This Xiaomi phone has a design very similar to the AirPods, Apple’s headphones. The Mi True 2 Basic is another cheap option, which highlights the Single Ear mode. With it, it is possible to use only one of the headphones independently, when you need to divide your attention between the sound and what is happening around you.

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The Xiaomi Bluetooth headset has another interesting feature, which automatically pauses the music when the headset is removed from the ear, and continues the sound when it is placed again. The Mi True 2 Basic also offers 5 hours of autonomy per charge, with an additional 20 hours in the case.

Why is the Mi True 2 Basic a good Xiaomi headset?

  • Fully wireless Xiaomi earphones with built-in microphone
  • Sensor detects the removal of the earphone
  • Each earphone side can be used in Single mode
  • Battery lasts up to 25 hours (5 on the handset + 20 on the case)

Redmi Airdots 3

The Airdots 3 is the third generation of the manufacturer’s number 1 line. This Xiaomi Bluetooth headset has important improvements over the previous generation. It has a noise-canceling microphone on calls and Bluetooth 5.2 connection, which ensures a more stable and secure connection.

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In addition, it has an internal battery that lasts up to 7 hours and offers additional charges from the case, reaching a total autonomy of up to 30 hours.

The Xiaomi AirDots 3 headset also has a built-in microphone, water protection and side buttons. It also has a sensor that detects when the earphone is removed from the ear, automatically stopping playback. Want to know more about this Xiaomi phone? Then check out our AirDots 3 review .

Why is AirDots 3 on the list of best Xiaomi earphones?

  • Battery life can reach up to 30 hours
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connection ensures greater stability
  • Has IPx4 water protection for outdoor activities
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone

Redmi AirDots 3 Pro

This Xiaomi AirDots headset was only released in China and is a premium version of the family. It retains the design, having differences only in the case, which is slightly larger. One of the highlights of the model is its noise cancellation, with three microphones that capture the voice and external noises, which reduce them by up to 35db.

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The phone uses the Bluetooth 5.2 connection, which allows simultaneous connection to two devices. In addition, the device has a game mode, which reduces latency and also has IPX4 certification for resistance to water and sweat.

Finally, the battery of the Xiaomi bluetooth phone provides a range of three hours of continuous use with ANC activated and six hours with it deactivated. Together with the case, the phone reaches up to 28 hours of autonomy.

Why is AirDots 3 Pro a good Xiaomi headset?

  • Battery with autonomy that reaches up to 28 hours
  • Active noise cancellation with three microphones
  • Bluetooth 5.2 makes it possible to connect up to two devices at the same time
  • It is water and dust resistant

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro

Redmi Buds 3 Pro is the global version of Redmi Air Dots 3 Pro, the previous model of Xiaomi Bluetooth Phone, released only in China. It has the same features as the Chinese model, such as active noise cancellation, with three adjustable settings (deep, balanced and light).

The battery of this Xiaomi phone is also worth mentioning, as it has a total duration of up to 28 hours, with fast charging (3 hours with just 10 minutes of charging), and Bluetooth 5.2.

Another feature that delivers great quality to the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset is its 9mm vibrating diaphragm, which achieves much more sound detail. It delivers more balanced audio with clear, undistorted highs and rich, powerful bass.

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Why is Redmi Buds 3 Pro on the list of best Xiaomi earphones?

  • 9mm vibrating diaphragm delivers high sound quality
  • Battery for up to 28 hours (phone + case)
  • Active noise cancellation with three settings
  • Bluetooth 5.2 ensures stable and secure connection

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